inland marine operations
100 Hamm Road Chattanooga, TN 37405
Mid-South Terminal
        Operations are centered in a 20 acre site with 1,600 feet of water frontage. Eight hundred feet on the main channel of Tennessee River Mile 456 is sectioned into two unloading positions . Each position is equipped with a 70 ton crane mounted on 25 ft. diameter cells. These rigs will handle dry bulk items such as salt, coal, ore and finished products from barge to trucks or by conveyor to terminal structures.
        Liquid cargo will be unloaded in the barge slip where calmer water assures transfer of cargo without danger of accidental spills. A floating boom will be deployed at the mouth of the slip to contain any such spill. Barge to rail transfers will take place at the south end of the slip.
Railway Facilities
        Main Track of the Chattanooga Traction Co. serves the L & N and the Southern along the eastern property line. Connecting spurs sill be constructed according to individual site requirements.
Industrial Sites
        Various sized acreages are available for sale or long term lease. Suggested possibilities and combinations are shown on the schematic drawing, each plot having at least 400 ft. of water frontage. The plots shown on the plan are only suggested divisions and are subject to change through negotiation with individual leasees or purchasers.
        Rail facilities, water and other utilities will be provided according to clients specifications. Southern Marine Construction Company, an affiliate of Mid-South Terminals, are experts in the field of marine engineering, design and construction. They can provide dock facilities from planning through completion and offer these facilities on a lease or purchase basis.